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Firefox 2 released

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

There were some premature announcements around the blogosphere the last couple of days, but Firefox 2 has now been officially released. It is primarily a user interface upgrade. Some of the changes include a built-in inline spell checker, a built-in phishing site detector originally developed by Google, automatic session restoration in the event of a crash, a search engine manager, new icons and tab styles, and other odds and ends.

In terms of standards support, very little has changed. Almost all platform development work since Firefox 1.5 has been going into Gecko 1.9 development which will be rolled into Firefox 3, to be released next year. This was done to allow extra time for the major improvements that are being made for Firefox 3. Some of the platform improvements in Firefox 2 include JavaScript 1.7 with client-side session and persistent storage support from the Web Applications 1.0 working draft (an open standard-in-development, although not affiliated with the World Wide Web Consortium) and improvements to SVG support.

You can download Firefox 2 from the Mozilla website. Firefox 2 will be rolled out as an automatic update for Firefox 1.x users within the next few days.