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Opera 9 is released

Opera 9 has now been released. Some of the new features include a selective content blocker which can be used to remove banner ads and other unwanted content from webpages, support for BitTorrent distributed downloads, desktop widgets, and improved standards support. See the official changelog for more information.

I will begin testing and updating my standards support resource shortly. It appears as though many positioning bugs have been fixed. Although Opera 9 passes the Acid2 test, note that the test only covers a relatively small selection of features from the standards, and like other browsers, there are still known inconsistencies with the standards in Opera 9. I will post updates on my progress as I test its support.

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  1. devloop :: blog Says:

    Opera 9…

    Opera nous offre une nouvelle version de son navigateur Internet !
    De la version 7.54 à la version 9.0, Opera a su conquérir de nouveaux utilisateurs par d’habiles techniques de communication……

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