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Firefox 2.0 standards support information available

The latest alpha version of Firefox has been labeled “feature complete,” meaning no significant changes are planned for the webpage layout engine. In response, I have added the Firefox 2.0 information to the Web browser standards support resource. According to my information so far, there have been no significant changes to the areas currently covered in the standards support resource. However, since there were changes to SVG support and I hope to add SVG information to the tables eventually, I have decided to list Firefox 2.0 separately from Firefox 1.5.

Opera 9 information will be added when the public builds are labeled “feature complete” or an equivalent. Opera is known to make significant changes even in the final beta versions, so it’s possible that I will be unable to begin thorough testing until the final version of Opera 9 is released.

3 Responses to “Firefox 2.0 standards support information available”

  1. Jeff Schiller Says:

    Excellent news. Wikipedia already has a good start on this (not sure where you’re picking up your information).

    Posted using Mozilla Firefox on Windows.

  2. David Hammond Says:

    A lot of the Wikipedia information apparently comes from my resource (Web Devout is linked to at the bottom of several of the articles). I personally test all of the information in my tables. SVG information will likewise be tested personally by me, although I will look at other resources like the Wikipedia to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

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  3. stelt Says:

    http://svg.startpagina.nl has some links on SVG support that you might find helpful

    Posted using Mozilla Firefox on Windows.