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Chris Wilson promises IE dedication to standards

Chris Wilson, Group Program Manager of the Internet Explorer Platform team at Microsoft, on his weblog has promised to fight for standards support as Internet Explorer development continues.

From the post:

Yes, I have the power to enact change. Yes, I will continue to improve standards support and compliance in IE, and make the web better. That’s my job, my charter, my vision, and my passion. The day it isn’t, I’ll quit. The day the development of the standards-based platform in IE goes on a back burner again, I’ll quit. My management up to and including Bill Gates has said we are back in the saddle with IE, so I have a job to get back to.

The post also addresses some criticism of the Web Standards Project (WaSP) about their recent change in relationship with the Internet Explorer development team. Wilson found the claims that WaSP was selling out to be “first snortingly funny, and then fairly offensive”.

Chris Wilson has been perhaps the most vocal web standards proponent on the Internet Explorer development team. He has been fairly open about the browser’s shortcomings and has made efforts to get feedback from the web development community regarding future development.

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