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New web browser security information

A lot of new statistical information has been added to the Web browser security summary resource. Since security is a significant factor in deciding which browser to use, this resource tries to present the situation from as many different angles as possible.

2 Responses to “New web browser security information”

  1. FreewheelinFrank Says:

    Thanks David,

    When you talk about vulnerabilities discovered in the wild, are these exploits being used to auto-install spyware, such as the recent CreateTextRange vulnerability in IE?

    I don’t remember reading any reports of Firefox being exposed to such attacks. What is the source of these data?



    Posted using Mozilla Firefox on Windows.

  2. David Hammond Says:

    In the security summary page, “In the wild” vulnerabilities are those that were publicly known before a patch was available. Those values are not related to public exploits.

    Posted using Mozilla Firefox on Linux.