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Internet Explorer warning reaches 50,000 people

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

In response to the many problems the Internet Explorer web browser has caused users and web developers over the last few years, Web Devout published a persuasive article on February 3, 2005 called “Internet Explorer is dangerous”. It was and is the belief of this website that use of Internet Explorer 6 is harmful to the Web, and so this article was designed to convince users to switch to a modern alternative.

On March 20, 2006, the 50,000th unique visitor viewed this article. This is a significant milestone in Web Devout’s promotion of modern web browsers and standards. Several websites have taken advantage of the automatic user redirection system offered for this article. Here is a list of websites that are currently known to use this system:

All of the buzz around Firefox and other alternatives in the last year or so have pressured Microsoft into resuming work on their browser. The more you do to keep the pressure on, the less likely they will abandon development again. The health of the Web relies on progress, which relies on competition. Please do your part to inform others about the shortcomings of their browser and help keep competition alive.