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Missing posts

Today, someone asked me why I had deleted my last few posts here. I didn’t. It turns out, during a series of server moves, VMWare updates, and other shifting around, somehow the system clock got set back to January and NTP wasn’t kicking in. As a result, the posts made since January were considered “Scheduled” posts and weren’t appearing on the blog. I’ve now fixed the time issue, and all posts are visible again.

8 Responses to “Missing posts”

  1. Mitch 74 Says:

    there still seem to be a problem: your frontpage’s link seems to target a no-longer-here temporary post.

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  2. Mitch 74 Says:

    …it also seems that your CAPTCHA and browser+OS detection don’t work any more on comments

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  3. David Hammond Says:

    I’ve removed the captcha field (since Akismet seems good enough now).

    Your user agent is being recorded as “bot moz”, which my script doesn’t recognize. Let me see if my user agent is being recorded correctly…

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  4. David Hammond Says:

    Yep. It’s just a matter of your browser using an unrecognized user agent string.

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  5. David Hammond Says:

    Aaaand I’ve fixed the front page link. I recently upgraded WordPress (from an old version) and that’s why some additional things broke.

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  6. Mitch 74 Says:

    OK, everything works now – and I had forgotten to switch back my user agent spoofer to Firefox 3.0 on Linux. It should be good now…

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  7. Jan Meijer Says:

    He David, I just stumbled upon this site and loved it at first glance. When browsing through it I got even more enthousiastic. However when I saw this blog my spirits were tempered: Is it really a year ago when your last mods were done? At least no blogs. The articles are to my disappointment, not dated.
    That makes the site in my view not reliable. A great pity after putting in such an effort. Why not set it open for more knowledge form others? OK mastering the subject is not for all of us, but that’s what the site is for.

    I hope you find the time to make the site a msut read for everyone!

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  8. David Hammond Says:

    Jan: Between my day job and a couple of upcoming side projects that I’m really enthused about, I haven’t had any leftover work juice for this site. In terms of the browser standards support information, I feel the Wikipedia articles and other comparison sites (old and new) have really stepped up their games since I started this site. My resources were created to fill what I viewed as a void in the existing reference sites, but I’m not sure that void really exists anymore (or, at least, it isn’t big enough for me to neglect my other projects).

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