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WTF Microsoft?

Seeing this makes me really glad I didn’t take that job with Microsoft.


Seriously, I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny, but it comes across as really dickish, especially to those of us who’d rather not use Windows.

Update 2009-06-17: It looks like Microsoft took it down. Here’s TechCrunch’s article on it, along with a screenshot.

For reference, the “dickish” parts were the “But you’ll never find it using that browser. (So get rid of it, or get lost.)” part and the “Ditch the web browser you’re using. If you try to find the $10,000 with your current browser, you’ll get nowhere.” part.

The “[Internet Explorer 8 is] the only browser capable of cracking all the clues.” is also pretty misleading. A more accurate claim would be “You need Internet Explorer 8 to play, because we are blocking all other browsers.”

Update 2009-06-17: It’s up again.

4 Responses to “WTF Microsoft?”

  1. Kirkburn Says:

    I’m not really understanding how it’s “dickish”.

    It’s a contest run by Microsoft, which requires you to use one of Microsoft’s products. That’s hardly groundbreaking or evil.

    Posted using Internet Explorer (Windows) 8.0 on Windows.

  2. Kirkburn Says:

    Oh, hilarious, “Posted using Internet Explorer (Windows) 8.0 on Windows.” That’s gonna be taken the wrong way for sure ;)

    (FWIW, I use Firefox almost exclusively, and IE8 just for RSS feeds)

    Posted using Mozilla Firefox 3.0.11 on Windows.

  3. David Hammond Says:

    Kirkburn: See my update. They were sending a different message based on which browser you were using.

    Posted using Mozilla Firefox 3.0.11 on Linux.

  4. Kirkburn Says:

    Ah, gotcha. I agree, that is/was dickish.

    Posted using Mozilla Firefox 3.0.11 on Windows.