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Web Devout search engine

Web Devout now has a native search engine to help users explore the site.

The search engine uses a link weighting algorithm similar to Google’s PageRank, as well as over 10 other factors to help get the most relevant results at the top. I made the engine from scratch for this site, and it currently only accepts simple queries (most common operators aren’t yet supported), but I will continue working to improve it in the future.

Update: Standard search operators such as AND, OR, |, and & are now supported, as well as double quotes for term grouping and parentheses for query grouping.

4 Responses to “Web Devout search engine”

  1. Jeff Schiller Says:

    Interesting. But why not just use a Google search query with site:webdevout.net ?

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  2. David Hammond Says:

    The Google search results wouldn’t be as up-to-date or integrated as the native search engine can be. Plus, there are a number of features I’m currently adding to the search engine that aren’t supported by Google.

    One example is “favor terms”. By prefixing a term with a question mark (?), you can increase the ranking of results that contain that term without getting rid of results that don’t. This can be useful if you think a page might have that term in it but you aren’t sure.

    I also plan to use the search index for other purposes elsewhere in the site, such as in the visitor statistics page and perhaps 404 pages.

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  3. Asher Gabara Says:

    The search engine is good, but what is query grouping?

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  4. David Hammond Says:

    Query grouping is the organization of the search query into subpatterns. For example, a (b|c) (d|(e f)), where a through f are various search terms. Basically, it allows you to get really picky or flexible with what you’re looking for.

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