Web Devout tidings

Big site updates

Web Devout has received some big updates, including a touched-up look and several new articles. This is part of a lot of behind-the-scenes development work that has been going on for a month or so. There is a lot more to come, including some full HTML, CSS, and DOM references that are currently being written, but I wanted to get this update through the door in the meantime.

Here are some newly published articles:

About Web Devout
Some background information about Web Devout and its mission, with a timeline of events.
Common issues in web design
Solutions to commonly encountered problems people experience in web design. This article is expected to grow over time.
CSS hacks
CSS hacks can cause problems down the road, but if people are going to use them, they might as well know the options and weigh the potential consequences appropriately. This article describes many known CSS hacks, including Internet Explorer’s conditional comments and plenty of CSS selector hacks.
Escaping style and script data
Lots of people use HTML comments in their inline style and script data without really understanding what’s going on. This article explains the concepts of hiding style and script data from unsupporting browsers and maximizing document compatibility between HTML and XHTML.
Did you know that //www.w3.org is a valid URL? http:foo.html? This article explains the parsing structure of a URL with examples and additional notes.

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