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Opera 9 standards support information complete

I finally sat down and finished the standards support information for Opera 9.

Opera 9 shows some major improvements in key areas. The CSS information was discussed earlier, and here are some of the HTML and DOM support highlights:

  • Various minor HTML support fixes.
  • Support for Document.adoptNode().
  • Improvements to XML namespace support in DOM Core.
  • Support for Node.textContent.
  • Improvements to DocumentType (document.doctype) and Notation and Entity interfaces.
  • Huge improvements in DOM Level 2 Style, surpassing Firefox 1.5’s support in some areas. Includes near complete implementation of DOM Level 2 StyleSheets and most of DOM Level 2 CSS (excluding the CSSValue interface, a number of other interfaces related to CSS property values, DocumentCSS, and DOMImplementationCSS).

According to the tables, HTML/XHTML support has increased by under 1% and DOM support has increased by 6%. The tables now put Opera 9’s overall DOM support above Firefox 1.5’s: 84% compared to 79%, with Internet Explorer 7 at 51%.

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